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Remember the days

It has been observed that many humans, especially from the religious community, generally tend to forget the good things people have done for them, but hold on to the one bad thing, no matter how insignificant, the same people have done to them. Similarly, we tend to forget the wonderful and miraculous things God has done for us in the past the moment we are faced with a difficult or trying situation. This is for somebody out there going through trying times, facing difficult situations right now; join me as I take you down memory lane to remember the days and see everything turn around for your good.


Bible source

In today’s Christianity, a lot of emphasis has been placed on religious doctrines and pastoral views (third parties) than on the actual written word of God (the source). Many people have actually shaped their lives and families based on false doctrines (unscriptural doctrines), all because their pastor or most highly esteemed General Overseer (GO) said so. Many are in serious religious bondage, stagnancy and poverty today because of these ecclesiastical fallacies. This thing is simple; whose report do you believe? Will you believe the source or a third party?


Goodbye Ebola

I remember when the heat was still on and the fear of Ebola lurked around every corner, school and household. I remember when it was heard that bitter kola had become a scarce commodity and salt water seemed to be even more potent than the pool of Bethesda in saving from Ebola; when rumours were being spread, fear constantly propagated and cowardice displayed by our religious followers. This even led me to respond to the Christian community with an article titled “The Right Christian Response to Ebola”. Now that Nigeria has been declared an Ebola free zone, what do you have to say for yourself? Were you a propagator of fear or a propagator of faith?


Buhari on the Throne

During the Independence Day period last year, I wrote an article based on the Game of Thrones TV series titled “Nigeria: A Game of Thrones”. Indeed, the battle for the throne of Nigeria, which is the seat of the president, became a serious and deadly game like in the TV series. Threats were issued out by all tribes and parties; as a matter of fact, the international community had already predicted that Nigeria would fall apart come 2015. Well, to God be the glory, the throne is now occupied, and it was done with no bloodshed as in the series. All threats were nullified and the international community was put to shame, even many Christians who falsely prophesied doom on Nigeria based on their own ungodly projections were also put to shame. But wait, they weren’t wrong! Nigeria indeed was a deadly game of thrones; but there was a cheat code put into the game by hackers that turned everything around for good, what could it be?


Give your word

Wow! This post marks my one hundredth (100th) gospel article published on The PLAN de GOD“. GLORY BE TO GOD!!! I was just curious to how many articles have been published to date, and to my amazement, this made it the 100th of constant and relentless Holy Spirit inspired and undiluted writings, experiences, inspirations, testimonies, thoughts, facts, views, philosophies and theories on God’s word. Please join me in thanking God for the infinite supply of His grace and Spirit; may His name and glory be highly exalted in all the heavens and the earth now and forever more! Amen! Now to the business at hand, having seen the spiritual connection between the value you place on your word and your ability to produce faith-fuelled results, let’s now look into one major event that Jesus used to teach us about the importance of the integrity placed on our word. Remember, ‘word’ in this context is about making promises and commitments.


Keep your word

I am a huge fan of “24”; I followed the show from Season 1 up till the then assumed season finale, Season 8, and after a long break, Season 9. There is one major quality many will confirm inherent in Jack Bauer; and that is his integrity, his “word”. All he needed to do was to give you his word, either to help you or to kill you, and he made sure he fulfilled it. Nevertheless, this is not about Jack Bauer, this is about Christ and our supposed nature as Christians. In growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must also be conscious of that one quality of God that He counts above every other thing – His Word. In this first part, we would be talking about the spiritual logic behind your word and its connection to the production of faith-fuelled results.


Chicken wings

It’s funny how the world is swimming deeply in wickedness to the extent that many people are just heartless; with the thoughts of their hearts pure evil and constantly devising mischief. You can’t trust anybody with even a pencil anymore. Can you imagine that they stole my chicken? My chicken!!! What is this world turning into?


God protects us

I watched a movie a few years back, starring Jason Statham, in which a bullet was shot and it ricocheted against the sides of about three houses and went to a top floor window, hitting the occupant, who was a junkie, in the head. The chances of that happening in real life were so low; it had to be a movie. Nonetheless, I’ve heard of real life situations of people sitting in their houses and stray bullets hitting them right there in their living rooms. This and many other mishaps in highly protected environments have led me to confirm that of a truth, man can only project his protection, but it is God that ensures it. This will be proven by just two scriptures for us to understand the place of God’s presence in our lives, be conscious of His protection and value it more and more.


Staple in eye

The last time, we talked about how little things like fish bones and beans stones could hurt us real bad. Today, we’ll be looking at even littler things, as little as a staple (stapling pin), only that it didn’t just have the power to hurt me, but cripple me if not for God’s mercies. We’ll also see how other scenarios that we just count as nothing could go bad just like that and send us to the hospital. A reminder as to why we must continue to be grateful unto God for every second of our lives, trust me, if God were not watching over you, it could go bad any second.


Fish bones

I had been thinking of the significance of God’s love and protection in what I thought was too minute an issue or occurrence to write on, until the least significant things like swallowing an ordinary fish bone or grinding occasional beans stones happened, that I realized had the capacity to really hurt me and I again understood the depths of God’s love and protection towards us.