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Keep your word

I am a huge fan of “24”; I followed the show from Season 1 up till the then assumed season finale, Season 8, and after a long break, Season 9. There is one major quality many will confirm inherent in Jack Bauer; and that is his integrity, his “word”. All he needed to do was to give you his word, either to help you or to kill you, and he made sure he fulfilled it. Nevertheless, this is not about Jack Bauer, this is about Christ and our supposed nature as Christians. In growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must also be conscious of that one quality of God that He counts above every other thing – His Word. In this first part, we would be talking about the spiritual logic behind your word and its connection to the production of faith-fuelled results.


Chicken wings

It’s funny how the world is swimming deeply in wickedness to the extent that many people are just heartless; with the thoughts of their hearts pure evil and constantly devising mischief. You can’t trust anybody with even a pencil anymore. Can you imagine that they stole my chicken? My chicken!!! What is this world turning into?


God protects us

I watched a movie a few years back, starring Jason Statham, in which a bullet was shot and it ricocheted against the sides of about three houses and went to a top floor window, hitting the occupant, who was a junkie, in the head. The chances of that happening in real life were so low; it had to be a movie. Nonetheless, I’ve heard of real life situations of people sitting in their houses and stray bullets hitting them right there in their living rooms. This and many other mishaps in highly protected environments have led me to confirm that of a truth, man can only project his protection, but it is God that ensures it. This will be proven by just two scriptures for us to understand the place of God’s presence in our lives, be conscious of His protection and value it more and more.


Staple in eye

The last time, we talked about how little things like fish bones and beans stones could hurt us real bad. Today, we’ll be looking at even littler things, as little as a staple (stapling pin), only that it didn’t just have the power to hurt me, but cripple me if not for God’s mercies. We’ll also see how other scenarios that we just count as nothing could go bad just like that and send us to the hospital. A reminder as to why we must continue to be grateful unto God for every second of our lives, trust me, if God were not watching over you, it could go bad any second.


Fish bones

I had been thinking of the significance of God’s love and protection in what I thought was too minute an issue or occurrence to write on, until the least significant things like swallowing an ordinary fish bone or grinding occasional beans stones happened, that I realized had the capacity to really hurt me and I again understood the depths of God’s love and protection towards us.


The iron throne

I am one of those people who don’t like to deceive themselves. If you have a sibling, child or a parent at the age of 53 who has nothing to show for it, has rather done more harm than good to the people around him/her and has no plan for the children, but will rather squeeze out of them; and then the person turns 54, is such birthday worth celebrating? Nigeria’s case is even worse and it’s a big shame. If Nigeria were to be an individual, it has failed on almost all counts, as a parent, as a child, as a sibling, as a teacher, as a leader, as a doctor, as an engineer, as a lecturer, as a Christian, as a Muslim, as a religious leader, as a police officer, as a military officer, as almost anything a human being could be or dabble into. It has also failed on almost all counts as an institution, as a hospital, as a school, as a university, as a church, as a mosque, as a home, as a police force, as almost any institution that could ever exist or be established. Now, war and bloodshed seem imminent with the 2015 elections approaching, Nigeria has now become a game of thrones just like in the TV Series with families and tribes fighting for the Iron Throne (The Presidency). This is my message to the Nigerians and Christians busy deceiving themselves celebrating independence, going to church and praying “Independence Day Prayers” when they are major contributors to the bad situation of the country which will only change by our individual efforts of positive change, love, judgment and justice, which would then make our prayers make sense.


Light out of darkness

I want to testify to the goodness and mercies of the Lord for making a way where there literally was no way, and that way led to plenty. I should have shared this testimony a long time ago, but it’s never too late.


Judges pointing fingers

Today, we would be discussing on why it is very important to stay as far away from judges as possible. There is a very big scam going on in Christianity and that is the scam of judgment and condemnation used to play on the liberty of true Christians, to cage them into the bondage of guilt and sin, by which they will never feel worthy to make certain advancements in life. This scam is also used to dictate the present and future of these Christians using their past, by which they can never amount to anything outside what these judges have planned for them. I don’t know about you, but nobody messes with me. You can’t compete with me in the sins and nasty things I’ve done, and I acknowledge them all, but those that have tried to judge or condemn me have regretted with significant portions of their lives because I know my God and I remain strong. Today, we will prove that judgement and condemnation were key players in the downfall of man from the very beginning so that you understand how serious the matter is.


Christ overcomes Ebola

Ebola has now become the talk of the day, even Boko Haram has not gotten this kind of attention, they must be so jealous of the virus right now. They had to bomb and bomb just to get everyone’s attention, but here’s a virus that has become a celebrity overnight in Nigeria just by affecting one person at the time. What is happening is simple, all sicknesses and diseases are from the devil, including this one, but one of the devil’s major weapons is fear! It is very evident that Satan is behind this, but it is rather shameful that many Christians are being exposed for what they really are: fearful, cowards and unbelieving! But this is not who they really should be, this should not be the response of a true believer to a virus.


Driver and plug-in

According to Merriam-Webster (2014), a driver is a piece of computer software that controls a device (such as a mouse or printer) that is attached to the computer, and controls input and output operations. Merriam-Webster also defines a plug-in as a small piece of software which adds a feature to a larger program or makes a program work better. Well, let’s just say I am the device/program, and God is my driver/plug-in. He should be the driver of every believer’s life, that controls all input and output operations; that’s what this theory is all about.